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Bathroom Tiles: History & Overview
By: Kim Meehan
Tiles have been around for decades, used by Roman and Egyptian royalty along with the wealthy. They sought the tile as a way to add simple elegance to a room, or to show off their wealth. Made from simple materials being mixed into clay, or from more complex methods used to carve marble, tile came in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Even now, we use tile frequently. You can see it in kitchens, perhaps even in a swimming pool. The most significant place you will often see tile though, is in the bathroom, be it a public bathroom or your own.

The bathroom is that one place where you become most intimate, taking the time to assure you stay clean, smell fresh, and look wonderful. This routine is an important part of life and many want their beauty and cleanliness to be reflected back from their bathroom. You can't feel as though you have good hygiene if your bathroom doesn't, which is why there are so many choices when it comes to bathroom tile. With each type comes a different characteristic pertaining to maintenance. When deciding which bathroom tile is best for this important room, porcelain and ceramic are known for keeping low grime build up, making them easier to clean, especially with all the products on the market designed specifically for bathroom tile. The simplicity this creates, allows more time to be spent on those important daily tasks.

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Now, choosing the type of bathroom tile might be simple but where to go, and how to install may not be. There are plenty of excellent home maintenance retail stores out there that offer to install for either a fee, or free of charge. This also allows you to go in and talk with a friendly, knowledgeable employee about the specifics of shape, size, and other materials needed to install bathroom tile. This will help you decide on which material you would prefer the bathroom tile be made of. On the other hand, you may be more for searching the internet, where you can visit many stores in a short amount of time, compare prices and see who offers to do the installation for you. You can also look online or in the phone book for excellent, affordable handymen in your area who are able and willing to come out and bathroom tile your bathroom for you, relieving some of the hassle of figuring it out for yourself.
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